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AI Casts A 1980s X-Men Movie And It's Perfect

As the war between humanity and our inevitable AI overlords rages on, something often comes along that suggests that having a robot make a mad piece of art every once in a while isn't all that bad. In this case, it's a fantastic little slideshow from Cyber Geek Gallery on TikTok showing us what an "X-Men" film franchise could have looked like if it was made in the '80s and had the star power available to boot. Did you ever think that no one besides Patrick Stewart could play the seasoned mutant leader Charles Xavier? Well, guess again because seeing the late Sean Connery with a shaved head and a turtleneck conjures a "What If..?" we never thought to ask. Even the idea of him introducing himself as "Charlesh Xshavier" is enough to get us excited.

Besides that late, great Bond legend entering the world of mutants, there's also a perfect pick of Tom Cruise as Cyclops, Sigourney Weaver as Jean Grey, and Christopher Plummer as Magneto. Now understandably, seeing as MCU has pretty much signed on half of Hollywood to appear in its bajillion movies and TV shows over the years, there are some dream picks for the '80s X-Men that have already made their mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now all we want to do is see them in these roles as well.

Kurt Russell and Angela Bassett get recast for perfect roles in X-Men

Though the AI artwork might be replicating Kurt Russell and his look as the young Ego in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," looking at the images here, he'd have also made a great Wolverine. Joining him at the 80s-based school for gifted children, we've also got Oscar-nominated star Angela Bassett looking perfectly powerful as Storm. Now if only Marvel Studios would be open to recasting these iconic characters and had a time machine at hand, this could be a dream casting come true.

As for some of the other casting choices? Well, they're not all hits In fact, we kind of wish we never saw them at all. Tom Selleck, as Gambit, for example, is a pick that couldn't be further from the ragin' card-throwing Cajun we know and love, and John Lithgow as Beast is still an image that is dancing on the line between genius and flat-out grim. Look into the eyes of what appears to be a cast-off from the "Cats" stage show and perish. You've been warned. As for the rest? Demi Moore and Kim Basinger as Rogue and Emma Frost are ideal, but Dolph Lundgren as Colossus is an inspired choice. In another timeline, we might've seen Ivan Drago in a glistening metallic sheen telling Sabretooth (Jesse Ventura, maybe?), "I must break you." If only.