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How Frasier's Kelsey Grammer Really Feels About Calling The New Series A 'Reboot'

The latest iteration of "Frasier" differs somewhat from the '90s sitcom about everyone's favorite psychiatrist. For a start, it sees the titular Dr. Crane (Kesley Grammer) embark on a new career as a professor at Harvard University instead of remaining in Seattle as an advice-giving radio show host. More controversially, beloved characters like Niles (David Hyde Pierce) are absent, which further sets the show apart from its predecessor. The series is a sequel to what came before, yet it's something else entirely. Does that make it a reboot? Grammer doesn't think so.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Grammer discussed the new series categorization and revealed why it isn't a reboot. "We really think of it as a new Frasier," he said. "We don't really think of it as a reboot, because we haven't rebooted anything. It's just a character that has not fallen from grace. He's still a loved and beloved character. And one we really love playing."

Unfortunately for Grammer, the show's creators, Joe Cristalli and Chris Harris, disagree with him. They've previously stated that they see the show as a spin-off, similar to what the original "Frasier" is to "Cheers." However, labels don't matter at the end of the day, as the new "Frasier" wants to continue the title character's story for years to come before giving him a grand farewell.

Will the Frasier revival continue?

The new "Frasier" hopefully won't be a one-off. Kelsey Grammer has teased plans for "Frasier" Season 2, and he hopes the series continues for years to come. Paramount+ has yet to greenlight another installment of the comedy series, but everyone involved seems dedicated to turning it into a long-term project.

By the time "Frasier" ends, it will hopefully be a full-circle experience for the titular character that puts a bow on his story. In an interview with Deadline, Grammer said that this era of the franchise will hopefully see Frasier experience some personal and professional growth. "We've been kicking around some ideas, but they mostly revolve around the idea of Frasier finding happiness, becoming a good father, and having breakthroughs at college," he said. That sounds like a continuation of an ongoing story as opposed to a fresh start, which reboots tend to be.

A Niles return seems unlikely, so don't expect this "Frasier" to resemble what came before. However, that doesn't mean the creators don't want to make the new series special in its own way. Whether it's a reboot, spinoff, requel, or something else, most fans are just happy to spend more time with Frasier.